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Inspectors and the Industry

It may come as a surprise that Building and Property Inspectors are not regulated under the Home Building Act in NSW or required to be licensed by NSW Fair Trading since 2009. With the purchase of a ‘home’ being typically our largest single lifetime investment, the cost of a Building and Pest Inspection is a small outlay, but the associated risks of second rate advice can be high. With the Building Consultancy market for Pre-Purchase Inspections deregulated, there has been an influx of "pseudo" building "professionals" offering unqualified and inexperienced advice on often complex construction issues. It is therefore imperative that you, the purchaser, ensures that your inspector has sufficient industry experience and is also covered by current appropriate insurance.

A check of qualifications can easily be conducted by clicking the following links:


Pest Managers:

Dean Trevelyan is the sole inspector who is personally licensed and insured. He has a wealth of building knowledge spanning over twenty five years. Dean's experience includes fifteen plus years as a Carpenter/Builder, constructing all kinds of domestic housing from renovations through to multi-million dollar architectural residences. A further six years experience was gained in Commercial Construction as a Site Supervisor/Manager. During this time extensive experience and knowledge was gained in and around The Australian Standards, Building Codes and defect identification and rectification.

Detector has been in operation for the last seven years and has successfully completed thousands of inspections. Detector is fast becoming the trusted name in Building and Pest Inspections on the Central Coast and Newcastle region.

Licence and Insurance Details:

Builders Licence 112842C

Pest Managers License 5074916

Public Indemnity Insurance for Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections.

Public Liability Insurance for site visits.

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