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Detector building and Pest Inspections


Detector is a Building and Pest Inspection business located on the NSW Central Coast.

Dean Trevelyan, the Owner Operator, is a Licensed Builder, Licensed Pest Manager and Accredited E1 Certifier who will personally inspect your property for all Structural and Maintenance issues as well as a thorough Timber Pest Inspection as requested.  Detector is fully Licensed and Insured.

A Building and/or Pest Inspection report will be emailed to you within 24hrs of inspection. Dean will discuss the findings post inspection with you and will advise on any building or property queries you may have. 

Swimming Pool Barrier Inspections and Compliance Certificates also available.

Detector services the Central Coast and Newcastle region.

  • Structural defects
    Structural Damage to lower brickwork caused by earth slippage on a steep block
  • Structural cracks
    Structural damage to a brick wall caused by drainage issues and subsidence of footing
  • Timber defects to roof
    Moisture damage to tile batten due to deterioration of roof tile and water ingress
  • Defects to truss roof
    Major structural defect of roof trusses. Webbing removed to accommodate a DIY storage room.
  • Pier defects to subfloor
    Subsidence and deterioration of brick piers in an old residence
  • Brick fretting to piers
    Major deterioration of brick piers due to excessive water in subfloor
  • Thermal Image of leak
    Thermal imaging in subfloor showing a leak to a dishwasher in the kitchen above
  • Shower leak to sub floor
    Leak to shower recess. Failed waterproof membrane common in older houses
  • Termite Damage to Timber
    Termite damage to timber skirting and beyond
  • Termite damage to timber
    Termite damage to door sill
  • Termite mudding roof void
    Termite mudding concealed in the roof void
  • Borer attack ridge board
    Borer damage to ridge board
Structural defects
Structural Damage to lower brickwork caused by earth slippage on a steep block


Detector has issued thousands of Professional Reports.

The Reports have an easy to understand layout which includes a summary of issues in need of attention at the beginning of the report. Dean will call post inspection for a verbal discussion prior to issue of report.  A Building and/or Pest Inspection Report will be issued within 24 hours.

Building and Pest Inspections, Central Coast, NSW

Building Inspections, Central Coast, NSW

Pest Inspections, Central Coast, NSW